April 15, 2009

PCE releases real-time generation control software to help generating companies maximize profit from MISO ASM

Priority-based Control Engineering (PCE) has delivered a version of its flagship Priority-based Generation Control (PGC) software optimized for controlling generating units within the MISO Ancillary Service Market (ASM). The first AGC package to be so extensively integrated with MISO ASM rules, ASM PGC enables generating companies in the market to maximize their profit, while providing intelligent mechanisms to help automate compliance with MISO rules. ASM PGC has been installed for one of the largest MISO members and has been confirmed to increase the company’s profit by millions of dollars per year.

ASM PGC considers all relevant market rules in projecting the most profitable generation trend for each unit. Its objective is to intelligently move the unit in line with that trend while keeping it safely within boundaries defined by MISO. PGC considers unit non-responsiveness, control error, maneuvering cost specified for each unit, and other unit parameters in its calculations, both to maximize profit and to minimize the likelihood of violating market rules.

This latest adaptation of PGC is another success story in PCE's long record of optimizing generation control. PCE began offering PGC in 1999 as an upgrade to control areas’ existing EMS/GMS platforms to help them benefit from relaxed NERC control performance standards (CPS). PGC utilizes algorithms based on control theories developed at PCE to, with minimal unit maneuvering, maintain units close to their economically optimal generation levels while complying with all applicable reliability rules. PGC is compatible with virtually any existing EMS/GMS platform and has now been installed in electric utilities with generation capacity ranging from about 2,000 MW to over 40,000 MW, amounting to about 10% of the US total.

About PCE

PCE is a privately held consulting and software development company with extensive expertise in generation control. Among its achievements is the creation of the technical basis for and derivation of CPS1 and CPS2 as adopted and implemented by NERC. PCE has also created the most efficient real-time generation control software and the most powerful tools for control performance analysis available on the market.

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