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Priority-based Generation Control (PGC)

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PGC software is designed to replace the functions of AGC. It easily integrates into the EMS or GMS of any entity that controls unit generation on a real-time-basis, like Balancing Authorities (BAs) or market generating companies. It has now been installed in electric utilities with generation capacity ranging from about 2,000 MW to over 40,000 MW, amounting to about 10% of the US total.

Control Objectives

PCE developed PGC technology based on its breakthrough concept of Priority-based Control, which optimizes control for any utility objectives.

In energy markets, PGC maximizes profit, while reducing violations related to real-time operation. For BAs, PGC technology maximizes the benefit provided by CPS1, CPS2, and BAAL. PGC can control to regional issues, such as ATEC, or control to net interchange to avoid overloading a target tie-line. Or it can target to achieve a desired range of monthly CPS1/CPS2 scores, tightening control if the score gets lower, or loosening it as the score gets comfortably high, in order to save on fuel cost and wear & tear.

PCE customizes PGC for every installation to target the specific objectives of the generation owner.

Visual Unit Generation Scheduler (UGS)

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Visual UGS is a package designed to improve coordination and communication between the system operations desk and unit control rooms. It provides system operators with an interface that easily allows to set a feasible and economical target trend for any unit with only a few mouse clicks, and to communicate it with the unit. Both the unit and system operators see the same image, reducing opportunities for miscommunication. Visual UGS stores all relevant data and, hence, allows improved analysis of unit response performance after the fact. This, in turn, leads to the identification of opportunities to improve the quality of generation control and response.

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